Composition & Production

Pop Productions:

Michael Hutchence: [ INXS ] Nail It 1988 with Cameron Giles
The Libertines: (Precursor to Machine Gun Fellatio)
Vrag Albums and singles
Shadee Selim: Album. Yah-Yoh, E.P. Mahabouba.
Radio Freedom: Beyond the Peach Tree
Maree Hawker: Various.
Colette: Co Produced With Pee Wee Ferris Ring My Bell 1989 (Gold Record) All I Want To Do Is Dance
Crash Politics: Co-Producer With Tim Farris [INXS]
Jackie Hunt from Single Gun Theory*:  Co-Writing and producing several songs*
(Kirkes Composition was used uncredited extensively in the score to The ‘Monkey’s Mask’ for Samantha Lang)
Single Gun Theory The Monkeys Mask Soundtrack Album:     Re Mixing
Dust to Dust :    Music editor and Mix
Seed Hunter :    Music editor and Mix.
The Clinic :    Composition, Sound design.


Beasty Boys

Video Pieces:

Tamarama 2007


Interactive Pieces:

Virtual Realm eXchange. C.D. 1 Girlosophy Web site and CD Rom


Maquarie Bank
Evens Peck


Fornicon by Graham Murphy Title Song music arrangement and Industrial percussion arrangement.

Fashion Parade:

Dimarzio Line Seasons 1 and 2