Terminal 9

(wallpaper to drink to)

A noodle turned into a track¬
Bass, Gtr, Keys by Kirke Godfrey
Flugelhorn by Patrick Higgins.
Drums by “Levi’
Produced and Mixed by Kirke Godfrey

with some welcome input from Neil Aldridge and David Rolfe

A Slam Edit…  then the Exhausting version… 

A Review!  from the ever inquisitive sonic explorer Marc Weidenbaum who runs  https://disquiet.com/ an essential site and mail list for anyone interested in sonics.

“Thanks. I dig this. It’s spacious and succinct at the same time, It’s got a Bill Laswell vibe a bit.”

Just very VERY poorly edited (NeedleDrop) set of moments from a 2 and a half hour improvisational session with Patrick Higgins, aka…   Badrico.

We are both contributing synthetics, and percussion etc…  Patrick via a wind controller and keys, (I think), im playing Bass, El guitar, µFreak and percussion and sound effects.

Mix is a mess because its a live performance and we have to manage as we go…

Just Hit Play:  and trance out for 23 mins.


Or… if your a sucker for punishment, or need a longer time out…

The 90 min version, Still some bad edits…