Yet another go at Atmos mixes


FFS put on headphones.

Musings on how grotesquely divided the global population is at a time when unity would make such a huge difference to our survival.

Kirke Godfrey: Original Idea, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Arrange, Produce, Mix, Master.

James Gardner – FM wrangling, Guitar ‘Figures’.

Jeramy Mayall – Etherial Pianissimo.

Patrick Higgins – Sax(ish)

Jimmie Reid – Monologue

Dan Bridge – Vox

Derrick C – Vox

Nathan Young – Vox

Hill Ryder – Vox

Transmission: The Distance Between Us Matters

Transmission: The Distance Between Us Matters

Written by Stephanie Christian
Voiced by Tony Smith
Images by Dan Inglis
Music by Kirke Godfrey
Rules were…
We never met, we never spoke to each other throughout the entire process.


Created as part of the Transmission: The Distance Between (Us) Matters project (2020).

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