Panama 1989

So back in1989 a friend (C Giles) and i did a STEINSKY inspired track, all done on a Tascam 4 track cassette, Ensoniq, SQ80, a DX7 and an Akai S900. We created a beat track, then performed the rest in live to tape then sampled bits of the radio news reports as it was coming in live.

The way the reporter was expressing totally justifiable fear, (understandable) but also some indignation that he was not ‘TOLD’ really spoke volumes about US entitlement!

We finished the track 45 mins after the news report had ended ran off a normal cassette and walked down to the national radio station, 2JJ.

We told the on air DJ what we had done, and he playefd it (unlistend) to Australia 10 mins later. One of the best experiences of my musical production life.


Messing with the ATMOS. Smoke (in the wind). HEADPHONES NEEDED

I’ve been using a couple of old mixes as test benches for LogicX’s new ATMOS PlugIn. I only have a quadraphonic setup, and obviously, most people are NOT set up in 7.1.4, so I’m rendering these out on Binaural.

First go, so pretty clunky and Not to spec, but quite interesting to play in.


Composed by Trevor Richards and Kirke Godfrey

Lyrics by Trevor Richards

Sung by Trevor Richards

Played by Trevor Richards and Kirke Godfrey, feedback guitar solo by Tony King.

Produced by Kirke Godfrey

Badly ATMOS mixed by Kirke Godfrey


This mix is a very hasty port from a Stereo mix…

into Binaural output of ATMOS as compared to a 5.1 or 7.1.4 etc.


Original Stereo mix is…