Double Jeopardy

The aust ‘Voice to Parliament’ vote in Aust (where the predominantly white australian population vote on giving the indigenous population who have lived in australia for around 60,000 years <yes 60,000> an official voice to the govt.

It looks like it will fail because racism in aust is rife, (FARK) …. is on the same day as the election here in NZ where a smug hard right racist pentecostal who’s entire agenda is to gut all social services to provide a a $20 tax break to the general population, but a really large tax break to the weathly, who has a massive advertising budget and looks like winning.

My head is fucking exploding.

2 sickening likely outcomes on the same day.

TASMAN RICHARDSON (is rather good)

This is an extract of his work Firing Squad I first witnessed as a live performance at the Nemo Festival in Paris 2011. I found it astoundingly powerful and really inspiring at the time. I highly recommend having a dive into his work!

Longer cut if its of interest.

Option 2: Accept that we are deluding ourselves.

Get Ready for the Forever Plague

Public health officials’ COVID complacency has opened the door to new illnesses and devastating long-term damage.

First read this by Andrew Nikiforuk:

Then while ya all fired up and trying to reject it:


Jacinda Ardern

Given the shattering deluge of violent misogynistic abuse levelled at her by the ‘right wing’ I totally understand why she’s stepping back, but…

 I’m still totally GUTTED!

She’s been brilliant as a PM of New Zealand, and led the world on how to respond to catastrophic  events, while right wing govts and media globally have been been, by their actions and inaction,  directly responsible for thousands of deaths, so of course, the same have spent all their toxic energy trying to undermine her.

She was prime minister through the country’s darkest times. “She did so with absolute dignity while managing to keep our country’s economic status in line with the most successful OECD countries in the world.”

“Prime Minister @JacindaArdern has guided New Zealand through crises and seized opportunities by leading with foresight, integrity and empathy. Her country is better off because of her remarkable leadership—and the rest of us are too.”

Some NICE work here. Jam with the short handles!

Jam with the short handles! Had some very special moments with cng303 (Chris Ng ) and mng (Mongi)

These moments appear fleetingly and then morph and twist into new shapes in a matter of mins.

I captured these a few mins apart.

More Fun with loop points

Really this is just about seeing what’s available in the new QuickSampler in LogicX, and as far as this tricks concerned, its pretty primitive compared to SOME of the tools out there, but given you can lock the loop lengths and start points to quantise values, it lets you do some fun stuff!

Just set up the CC’s in the mod matrix to 2 faders on your keyboard or whatever…

Start and Loop start to the same CC and Loops End to a second CC.


Had a rather dizzyingly early start a few mornings ago to jam with Imogen Heap via Endlesss

People : Meet Matt and Imogen…

The session was about an hour of absurd noises and some fun, it was an honour and delight to be involved …

I need to point out this was a collaborative effort, so also very much involved were: Jim Mclure, Rick Sands, and Jeremy Michael Skjevling.

Thanks to all!

Got asked, so…Setup was: OBS  collecting my 2 vid streams  (laptop and Phone cameras) and intercom audio sending via Google Meet to the very gracious Matt at Endlesss, then music via Ableton Live ‘blackhole’d‘ to the amazing @EndlesssFM Studio, synching all the audio from the UK and USA to me. My Toys were a few NI soft synths, a Microfreak, with a tokai tele and a stingray bass via GtrRig.