A quick look back at … The State Of Things………

Kirke Godfrey: Original Idea Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Arrange, Produce, Mix, Master.

Dan Brownridge: Vox Guitar solo.

Nathan Young: Vox

Hill Ryder Vox

Patrick Higgins Flugel(ish)

Peter Miller assisted with the AI Artwork prompts

Week one of night classes level Video created by Kirke Godfrey :+)


The current state of the world is incomprehensible to me as what seemed like accepting scientific facts, and expectations of common decency fell away as billionaires, selfishness and disease continue to tear the world apart.

Obvious tip of the hat to Gil Scott Herron’s ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’

R.I.P a Gtr hero

Levene said in 2012: “People thought I was classically trained, which was bollocks. I knew the E chord, and ventured into E minor.

In 2021, the website the Quietus described him as “one of the architects of the post-punk sound, his guitar style occupying a space between angular abrasion and pop opulence”.


Interview: Keith Levene – the founding member of The Clash and PiL talks about his new book

A Slam Edit…  then the Exhausting version… 

A Review!  from the ever inquisitive sonic explorer Marc Weidenbaum who runs  https://disquiet.com/ an essential site and mail list for anyone interested in sonics.

“Thanks. I dig this. It’s spacious and succinct at the same time, It’s got a Bill Laswell vibe a bit.”

Just very VERY poorly edited (NeedleDrop) set of moments from a 2 and a half hour improvisational session with Patrick Higgins, aka…   Badrico.

We are both contributing synthetics, and percussion etc…  Patrick via a wind controller and keys, (I think), im playing Bass, El guitar, µFreak and percussion and sound effects.

Mix is a mess because its a live performance and we have to manage as we go…

Just Hit Play:  and trance out for 23 mins.


Or… if your a sucker for punishment, or need a longer time out…

The 90 min version, Still some bad edits…

Panama 1989

So back in1989 a friend (C Giles) and i did a STEINSKY inspired track, all done on a Tascam 4 track cassette, Ensoniq, SQ80, a DX7 and an Akai S900. We created a beat track, then performed the rest in live to tape then sampled bits of the radio news reports as it was coming in live.

The way the reporter was expressing totally justifiable fear, (understandable) but also some indignation that he was not ‘TOLD’ really spoke volumes about US entitlement!

We finished the track 45 mins after the news report had ended ran off a normal cassette and walked down to the national radio station, 2JJ.

We told the on air DJ what we had done, and he playefd it (unlistend) to Australia 10 mins later. One of the best experiences of my musical production life.


More Binaural messing around.

I’ve been using a couple of old mixes as test benches for LogicX’s new ATMOS PlugIn. I only have a quadraphonic setup, and obviously, most people are NOT set up in 7.1.4, so I’m rendering these out on Binaural.

First go, so pretty clunky and Not to spec, but quite interesting to play in.

(Headphones required)

Composed and performed by Trevor Richards and Kirke Godfrey.

Lyrics by Trevor Richards.

Production by Kirke Godfrey.

Messing with the ATMOS. Smoke (in the wind). HEADPHONES NEEDED

I’ve been using a couple of old mixes as test benches for LogicX’s new ATMOS PlugIn. I only have a quadraphonic setup, and obviously, most people are NOT set up in 7.1.4, so I’m rendering these out on Binaural.

First go, so pretty clunky and Not to spec, but quite interesting to play in.


Composed by Trevor Richards and Kirke Godfrey

Lyrics by Trevor Richards

Sung by Trevor Richards

Played by Trevor Richards and Kirke Godfrey, feedback guitar solo by Tony King.

Produced by Kirke Godfrey

Badly ATMOS mixed by Kirke Godfrey


This mix is a very hasty port from a Stereo mix…

into Binaural output of ATMOS as compared to a 5.1 or 7.1.4 etc.


Original Stereo mix is… https://www.shapednoise.com/site/archives/5857


Im sure I’ve been here before…..

Back in 1987 I bought one of these.


Its internal sequencer,  timbral range and the fact it was 8 part multi timbral made it incredibly powerful and amazing value for money for the time.

All these years later I got to be glancingly involved in the design and testing of this recreation.

It sounds GREAT. and gave me a HUGE sense of DejaVue.

Some NICE work here. Jam with the short handles!

Jam with the short handles! Had some very special moments with cng303 (Chris Ng ) and mng (Mongi)

These moments appear fleetingly and then morph and twist into new shapes in a matter of mins.

I captured these a few mins apart.

More Fun with loop points

Really this is just about seeing what’s available in the new QuickSampler in LogicX, and as far as this tricks concerned, its pretty primitive compared to SOME of the tools out there, but given you can lock the loop lengths and start points to quantise values, it lets you do some fun stuff!

Just set up the CC’s in the mod matrix to 2 faders on your keyboard or whatever…

Start and Loop start to the same CC and Loops End to a second CC.

gets better each time it goes around… 

Into the Atticus and Trent sonic? Give this a dig…

Delighted to announce the imminent arrival of a new library from ModWheel

I’ve been assisting with, manipulating, and and doing some sonic design work on this for the last month or two … and all I can say is … ITS SERIOUSLY GOOD.

Into the Atticus and Trent sonic?  Give this a dig…


Had a rather dizzyingly early start a few mornings ago to jam with Imogen Heap via Endlesss

People : Meet Matt and Imogen…

The session was about an hour of absurd noises and some fun, it was an honour and delight to be involved …

I need to point out this was a collaborative effort, so also very much involved were: Jim Mclure, Rick Sands, and Jeremy Michael Skjevling.

Thanks to all!

Got asked, so…Setup was: OBS  collecting my 2 vid streams  (laptop and Phone cameras) and intercom audio sending via Google Meet to the very gracious Matt at Endlesss, then music via Ableton Live ‘blackhole’d‘ to the amazing @EndlesssFM Studio, synching all the audio from the UK and USA to me. My Toys were a few NI soft synths, a Microfreak, with a tokai tele and a stingray bass via GtrRig.

Snapshot Demos for SoundDusts recent release


Keep your eye on the dial… 

Euclidian Pulse Triggering the Note at the relative note pattern position.

Update: Sorry, im no longer giving this away. 

Intent:  FUN 

Have real time control over the accent pattern on a repeating 16 step riff, allowing you to make it into a dynamic performance rather than a static loop. 

The Riff keeps the relative position of the notes constant, while the Euclidean Rotator allows shifting the accent pattern to ‘pick out’  different notes in the 16 step pattern. 

Quick Start:

Make sure the Euclidean Rotator is set to  16 steps and a Fill of 16 

So it triggers every step 

Now, use the Shift Sequencer to set up a repeating pattern you like 

(to make things more obvious, start with 16 beats)  THEN: Hit Stop. 


Now try lowering the Fill to a value of 10 and hear how notes in the sequence are now being picked out so only 10 of the 16 steps are being heard, note, the Sequence is still playing the same notes at the same point in the bar. 


CC-11 controls FILL 


Now try altering the STEPS counter and the FILL amount and see how the Dynamic pattern now evolves over several bars, but the riffs notes are still positioned in the original point in the bar. (so you can have a set melodic pattern that rhythmically is shifting the accents)

Quick guide to the GUI below

2 / 2


1 Triggers the step rate of the Shift Seq 

2 Triggers CFG gate 2

3 Triggers CFG gate 3

6 Triggers the rate of the Euclidean Rotator



1 controls a fast timbral sweep on the DWG 

2 controls a slower timbral sweep on the DWG 

3 Controls a change in the MIX of the DWG outputs 

4 controls the Level of the LPG so can be thought of as the AMP ENV. 


DWG Mod A input is a summed CFG 1+2 Mod B input is CFG 2  


Mod-Wheel controls the Decay of the LPG and its output level and brightness, as well as changing the delay balance.  (signal will be heard if the clocks are running and Mod-Wheel is up)


After Touch controls a slight detune of the MOD OSC in the DWG providing a tiny bit of extra grit 


To take things up a notch, use the RANGE controls in the Shift Sequencer to alter the octave and holds or notes to provide even more weirdness, or change the Shift Seq Clock rate, or…  

“Wow, nice idea but I hate the synth” I hear you say?

Then try the included midi only version with the monophonic synth of your choice