Perspective shifts… 

“It feels to me in general, and I’m saying this as a 57-year-old man, music used to be the thing; that was what I was doing. When I had time I was listening to music. I wasn’t doing it in the background when I was doing five other things, I wasn’t treating it kind of like a disposable commodity. I don’t go to the cinema and do my taxes while movies are playing. I’m there to watch a movie.

I miss the attention music got; the critical attention music got, not that I’m that interested in the critics’ opinions, but to send something out into the world and feel like it touched places. It might have got a negative or positive [response] but somebody heard it. It got validated in its own way culturally; that feels askew [now]… that feels like a less furtile environment to put music out into, in the world of Nine Inch Nails.”

Trent Reznor from an interview with Rick Rubin: HERE