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  • Being glad to not be dead. 
  • Gearing up to move to from Istanbul to Morocco for an extended residency. 
  • Totally amazed at how badly the Australian govt is dealing with the global health crisis.
  • Incredibly impressed by how the NZ govt is dealing with this global health crisis. 
  • Completed new track Trace with Trevor Richards in Fremantle WA.
  • Assisting the loverly Pendle Poucher with some of his Sound Dust UK Kontakt Instruments.
  • Completed my input into Psalterd Zither with the very brilliant Modwheel. NZ
  • Completed my input into Bass Banjo with the very brilliant Modwheel.
  • Released WaveSkimmer with the very brilliant Modwheel,  and the reviews are GREAT!
  • Completing Music for Mark Pesce Aust
  • Completed my input into Perc +  with the very brilliant  Modwheel.
  • Completed my input into Timphonia  with the very brilliant  Modwheel.
  • Finished off an album of somewhat what keeps being described as ‘Very Perth Sounding’ pop rock tracks with Fremantle artist Trevor Richards, LINKS!
  • Writing bass lines for a US rock outfit City Rain.  Update: (They have now exploded due to ‘artistic differences/egomania’)
  • Completed the score and mix on an allegorical autobiographical short film score (not about me) 
  • Finished lecturing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Really a shame, as there are so many good people, being forced to work under horrible conditions / people.
  • No Longer having to deal with the horror of spreadsheets.
  • On-going researching for an [f]Art installation project.
  • Pretty much capitulated to the fact my brain just can’t deal with MAX/MSP despite the amazing turorials from SAM  
  • Looking wistfully at the swell  at my local beach. 


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I’m delighted to announce the opening of my New studio*:

*(not really)