Sound Design

>Sound Design includes:

SBS Television: Dancer, Water, and the Navigation system for 2004 Rebranding

TV NZ 2: Kids TV Branding (Winner of BEST ON-AIR BRANDING award at the PROMAX&BDA ANZ 2003).

Anaconda 2: Snake Strikes Elements

Alanis Morrisset: Ironic Film Clip

Dozens of web sites back when people wanted annoying sounds for their sites!

>Sound Libraries include:

Currently doing some Kontakt work with the very brilliant

A PSALTERED ZITHER – Created from MODWHEEL’s collection of Zithers, Psaltery and other fretless string instruments.

BASS BANJO – Created from MODWHEEL’s very own Bass Banjo

WAVE SKIMMER – A dynamic, performance ready Pulse Machine.

THE LOWDOWN 2 – DOUBLE BASS Arco, Pizz, Ambiences,  Pads, Impacts, Kits & Rhythms (BPM’d)

MYSTICHORD – Transmissions from the Outer Reach and Resonant mysteries from beyond the sphere.

TYMPHONIA – Taking the Timpani drum to a whole new world.

In October 2014 Chriss Ons of Lux Nox Audio released PERC+ an impressive 14GB Percussion library of cymbals, gongs, metals and hand percussion with many and varied articulations from stick, mallet, hand to bow.PERC+ continues to the southern hemisphere. Working on it now are MODWHEEL, based in New Zealand and for this project they are joined by Australian Kirke Godfrey of

Pantheon III, Commercial Patch Library for Propellorheads REASON Software from Nucleus Soundlab

Monster/Poly  Free Patch Library for Propellorheads REASON Software