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MonsterPoly is a free ReFill for use with Reason 3.

The ReFill utilises original samples and waveforms from  Korg's classic Mono/Poly synthesizer as building blocks for entirely new and exciting sounds.

The ReFill is a collaboration between:
Dave Smith :
Kirke  Godfrey :

This is our first contribution to the online Reason community. We encourage you to experiment, create your own patches and email them to us for  inclusion (and credit) in our future releases. As an incentive, all contributions will be rewarded with exclusive reason content!

Combinator Patches
29 Combinator Patches - Sampler and FX Combi's from cool to warm to searingly hot
Combinator [run] Patches
20 Tempo-synced arpeggiators and electronic rhythm generators
NN-XT Sampler Patches
74 NN-XT sampler patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth
NN-19 Sampler Patches
29 NN-19 Sampler Patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth
ReDrum Kits
6 ReDrum kits - Analog Boom-Tish, xmod rips and filter blips
ReCycle Rex Files
29 ReCycle Rex files - Sampled arpeggio's and esoteric noises
Demo Songs
2 Demo Songs - By the authors to demonstrate the range of sounds and a default startup song

We recommend you have a Remote supported controller to make full use of the Combinator Patches.
Combinator backdrops are included for use in your own MonsterPoly Combinator patches
All samples in the MonsterPoly refill were recorded directly from the Korg Mono/Poly synth into a Motu 828Mk2

No Japanese cities were destroyed in the making of this refill.

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